Quality Policy and Food Safety of the Cooperative of São Mamede da Ventosa, C.R.L.

The Cooperative Winery of São Mamede da Ventosa, C.R.L. recognized by the quality of its products, is not a national and international market, please, with a reference node. NP EN ISO 9001 and NP EN ISO 22000, consolidate a sustained growth of the activity and guarantee its position in an increasingly competitive market where quality is a factor of difference of competition and a requirement of customers / consumers.

As well as defining its food safety and quality policy, with all stakeholders, commit itself to:

  • Guarantee the quality and food safety of your wines;
  • Ensure the identification, evaluation and control of hazards and risks related to Food Security, according to the requirements established by the methodology H.A.C.C.P. (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) as well as current regulations and the Codex Alimentarius;
  • Provide the adequate training of employees, so that they develop potentialities and skills with a view to effective and responsible performance of their activities;
  • Comply with statutory requirements and regulations regarding food safety and industry, as well as customer requirements;
  • Periodically qualify and evaluate the suppliers and demand rigor in the quality of the products supplied. Maintain good communication with them in order to guarantee a food quality and safety of raw materials, as well as additives and processing aids;
  • Maintain a communication with all interested parties (employees, suppliers, customers, official bodies and others) in matters related to food safety.
  • Promote a continuous solution of the implemented SGQSA.