This year Pingo Doce wines won 20 medals in five prestigious international competitions. This is the ninth consecutive year that Pingo Doce wines are recognized for their quality, having collected 145 awards since 2012.

Among the prizes won, the highlight is ‘Lisboa Syrah Pingo Doce Red Wine 75cl’, which deserved the gold medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

This is another wine produced by Adega de São Mamede da Ventosa to be internationally awarded, which demonstrates the commitment that has been made towards creating wines of excellence.

It represents a great effort that made it possible to reach this level and the feeling of accomplishment. It is a distinction that can open some other doors for us on a commercial level.

Jorge alves

Our winemaker, Rui Vieira, represents a huge asset, although it is a team work, as it has to be, he was a great driver and deserves recognition for that very reason. He, the techniques we have and that accompany our extraordinary wine growers in this region of Ventosa and some neighboring parishes, all of them, together, allow a job that can only bear good fruits and wines of choice.

Joaquim amaro

Syrah Pingo Doce 2017


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