17 October | 17h00 | São Mamede da Ventosa Wine Cellar Torres Vedras
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In an allusion to John Dowland’s Lachrimae or Seven Tears, Time Stands Still is a revisit by composer Nuno Côrte-Real, of the work of the English composer, contemporary of Shakespeare.
With a modern language and instrumentation that without taking us away from the 21st century, it also takes us to the 17th century and its melancholy, Côrte-Real creates a contrast between the original Dowland luth songs that seem to have been made for the voice of Ana Quintans (no were four centuries away) and instrumental pieces dedicated to composers and performers dear to the Portuguese composer, within revisited Baroque musical genres, such as pavana or fugue.

The program is completed by an Introduction by Maurice Ravel, written at the request of Casa Érard, manufacturer of the newly created chromatic harp, in order to show the potential of the instrument.


M. Ravel (1875 – 1937)

Introduction and Allegro (septet with harp)

J. Dowland (1563 – 1626) / Nuno Côrte-Real (n.1971)

  • I. Mr. Sérgio Azevedo’s Prelude
  • II. “Come again! sweet Love doth now invite”
  • III. Mr. António Pinho Vargas Pavan
  • IV. “Flow, my tears”
  • V. Mr. Artur Ribeiro’s Air
  • VI. “Awake, sweet love”
  • VII. Mr. Mats Lidstrom his Fantasia
  • VIII. “I saw my lady weep”
  • IX. Sir Christopher Bochmann his atonal transition
  • X. “Shall I sue”
  • XI.Mr. Eurico Carrapatoso’s Fugue
  • XII. “Weep you no more, sad fountains”
  • XIII. Lady Maria João’s Improvisation
  • XIV. “Time stands still”
  • XV. “I Know not what tomorrow will bring” (Fernando Pessoa’s last written words on the day of his death)

Ana Quintans | soprano

Nuno Côrte-Real  |  musical direction


José Pereira | Violin  César Nogueira | Violin  Reyes Gallardo | Viola
Marco Pereira | Cello  Duncan Fox | Contrabass  Marina Camponês | Flute  Nuno Pinto | Clarinet  Carolina Coimbra | Harp  Helder Marques | Piano Marco Fernandes | Percussion Tomás Moita l Percussion II

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